Dag Nabbit – Camp Journal, Day 18

So, try as I might, I couldn’t quite get this post to fit the metaphorical (?)…no, fictional…no…um, you know the fake letters from camp and such that I’ve been posting since starting my draft for Camp NaNo this month; I couldn’t get this post to fit the way I wanted it to. I mean, I had all kinds of ways to write that I’d found myself suddenly headed in the wrong direction but none of them read quite right to me. Bah! I’m cutting right to the reality.

I’m twenty some odd thousand words in when it hits me that I need to restructure my novel, moving one whole relationship closer to the middle there by leaving me at least two chapters to fill in before it in order to better move from the beginning (which has to have some major re-writes in order to fit with the new direction of the story) to the new placement of the relationship in question.  The restructure will allow me to build some additional drama and make the new relationship and subsequent twist that much more of an impact on the reader.

copied from http://www.pinterest.com

As it stands, none of the action lasts long enough for the reader to become invested in the outcomes. SIGH!  Which means no ‘wow’ factor when the poo hits the fan.

I can either start a whole new file and cut and paste the bits and pieces from this one I like into it, but I know I’m going to lose something. I can’t tell you the number of times I remember writing something only to lose it in the final draft because I couldn’t remember where or even if I saved it.

Well, no use moping about it. I know what I want to do, best to buckle in and get ‘er done. I think I can make a decent enough dent in the word count this week to not lose any ground.  We’ll see, eh?

Love you,


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