Stephen King

I am going to see my all time FAVORITE author in the whole world since Dr. Maya Angelou – MR. Stephen, “gave me nightmares for most of my life” King!!! He’s going to be in Nashville in June and I will be there!!!  Now of course, he’s speaking to an auditorium full of people so it’s not as if I’ll get to meet him, but I get to see him  live and in person.  LIVE and in PERSON!!!

Oh, and everyone who shows up gets a copy of his latest release; 400 of the books will be autographed.  They’re passing those out at random so I’ve got a slim chance of getting one with his signature in it. Oh. Happy. Day.

On a different note, I haven’t done much writing on my Camp NaNo project but I did update my profile over at (site where authors create profiles / upload their projects for agents and publishers to view, tell ’em Dana sent you 😉 ) and in doing so, was reminded of two projects I’ve had languishing on my hard drive for over three, maybe even four years now. I pulled them up from my hard drive and gave a quick read through. Guess what I’ll be working on during NaNoPalooza 2017?  My first ever trilogy!!  So excited (does this qualify as a plot bunny?)!!!

  • Demon Protege
  • Demon Master
  • Demon Reign

In case it isn’t obvious, I’ll be writing in a genre I haven’t explored yet but have read from extensively (Kim Harrison and James Butcher being my role models in this case).  I’m as giddy about writing these next manuscripts as,  well…

….Wallace is about getting to eat some cheese, lol.

But okay, gotta focus and get through all three NaNos this year. I’ve got to work this weekend at the day job, but know I’ll be sitting down to my April Camp NaNo to fill in some gaps.

Man, it feels so freakin’ RIGHT to be back to writing my fiction.


6 thoughts on “Stephen King

    1. Uh, yeah…not quite sure I’ll have the extra 12 or so hours for that drive, lol, but let’s see what’s happening that weekend, eh? 🙂 Would love to make it to Toronto to hear you perform. Now that is a drive I’d make time for.

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