Not in the Mood

I don’t wanna:

  • write
  • cook
  • walk
  • think
  • decide
  • talk
  • plan
  • plot
  • read
  • look
  • move.

Instead, I want to:

  • lay
  • dream
  • smile
  • breathe
  • listen
  • feel
  • be still.

Hopefully I’ll be able to after I:

  • finish work this weekend
  • do the laundry
  • go grocery shopping
  • cook and package my lunch for the week
  • have dinner with friends
  • spend time with family
  • work on my manuscript


6 thoughts on “Not in the Mood

    1. Sigh. Hoping Choppy and Schooner are helping to keep you energized enough to get through your to-do list :-). Or at the very least, providing you with adequate entertainment through the crazy, ;-).

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