Camp Journal, Day 13

Passed a milestone on the trail today. According to the sign post, I’ve just entered the halfway mark up the trail, give or take a step or two (word count 22,074).  Slow and steady, it feels good to be making such progress.


(stepping out of my pretend world for a minute, it has been “a day”. Start off with the good news that a couple people I know who are really unhappy with their current situations have both gotten leads on newer, better positions; I’ve watched as a friend of mine becomes surrounded by a circle of really supportive friends and family. There’s also been two new engagements announced and a baby shower for a friend who suffered a miscarriage a few years ago. It’s peace inducing to see good things happening for people I know. 

As for me? Well, I’ve spent tonight writing, doing laundry, monitoring the Booster campaign and discovering that my tax person misquoted my tax debt by over two grand! Instead of $ 3,960, if I’m reading the form correctly, I really only owe a grand and some change.  The writing, as you’ve seen has been steady as well as satisfying. I’m in the zone and man does it feel good.

I’m telling you, it’s been quite the roller coaster ride as of late, but I have to admit, there have been more highs than lows recently and for that, I am, as always, Grateful.

Have a great rest of the night. Love you. 


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