Quick news update

Only 11  days left to get your limited limited edition Little Brown Skin Girl / Nowata Press T-Shirt!

Our 2 Legit So We Can Quit (our day jobs) Booster sale is in full swing! For more information and to get your limited edition T-Shirt, click here.  Be the person to purchase the 15th shirt and you’ll receive a coupon for $20 off your next purchase with Little Brown Skin Girl or Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting.

We’ll be doing a drawing at the end for everyone who donated / bought a shirt but didn’t qualify for one of the incentive give-aways.  All of those names will go into a hat and the winner of the drawing will win a Little Brown Skin Girl piece of art and a complete set of Nowata Press published paperbacks, autographed by the authors (total value over $100).

So be sure to get your shirt today!

Say it’s not in the budget but you’d like to help? Please share the announcement and link with your friends and family via social media. The more folks who hear about it, the better our chances of reaching our goal of 50 (or more) shirts sold.

And in Other News,

I’m averaging just shy of my 1667 daily word target with my Camp NaNo piece. I’m currently at 18,825 words. The site statistician says that at this rate I’ll finish May 2nd. That totally won’t do as I want to earn my first ever Camp NaNo Winner’s Badge as well as end the ordeal with a strong 50+k word draft. I’m going slow because I’m spending more time organizing my pantsing on the front end as opposed to just typing whatever comes to mind. I learned my lesson with Breaking Point – that manuscript was a nightmare to organize after I’d written it. Since the production schedule for this manuscript is so tight, I can’t afford to lose any days once the draft is complete. Soooo, looks as if I’ll need to buckle down and pull a couple of writing marathons out of my bag of tricks. At least the writing so far is going smoothly. Once I clear off some real time in the calendar, I’m positive I’ll be able to get my count on track to “finish” by Camp’s end.

Hope everyone’s having a decent week so far and that for those of you participating in Camp NaNo this year, that you’re enjoying this time with your drafts :-). Oh, and that you aren’t being over run with plot bunnies.

They’re not always cute and cuddly you know…

Love you!

E-books: Amazon or Smashwords
Paperbacks: Square Marketplace

• Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1 – erotica for the discerning reader
• Let There Be Life – funny take on one woman’s life after divorce
• Hello Diva – “Oh what a tangled wig we weave, when first we practice to deceive”
• Breaking Point – a woman can only take so much drama
• Aphrodite’s Twin – Love as you’d least expect it.

For any additional information, feel free to drop me a line: nowatapress@gmail.com

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