Camp Journal, Day 9

Decided I didn’t want to wait, so I started up The Steps You Take yesterday. It’s slow going but according to a sign I passed first thing this morning, I’ve completed 25% of the trail (word count 14,754).

It’s been pretty easy so far, not much of an incline; the path has been fairly clear. The weather’s good so I should be able to make it another thousand or so steps today before I’ll stop and pitch my tent.

Guess who followed me? Yup, that freakin’ bunny. When I stopped for lunch yesterday, it hopped right up to me, nuzzled my arm with its head and basically made a nuisance of itself the entire time I sat there. Ended up feeding it a little bit of the veggies from my lunch (filled a half page in my BuJo with notes) before it would leave me alone. Have a feeling its going to follow me the whole way up the trail. Oh well.

Alright, breakfast is done. Better get to hiking.


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