2nd Letter from Camp

Dear Mom,

Here we are at day seven and it would appear I’ve been adopted by a rabbit.  A big, fluffy, pretty brown – the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen. When I asked one of the counselors about it, she said there’s a whole warren of the big bunnies just outside the camp grounds. They often wander in and around the cabins, making nice with all the campers. Apparently they’re very tame and will often follow campers around the entire time they’re here at camp. Mine just seems to enjoy sitting in my line of sight anytime I sit down for a bit.  Here’s a picture I took of it yesterday.


Anyway, it’s been an interesting seven days so far. I’ve gotten involved in lots of activities – I’ve won ribbons almost every day for having the cleanest cabin, the tidiest fire pit, and for being the first one to clean up my cook space in the kitchen every evening.  I haven’t done much exploring though, just little trips up the shorter trails then it’s back to my cabin for the night. (word count = 8,341 )

Mount Rough Draft

There’s this one trail though that this camp is known for. It’s called The Steps You Take. Weird huh? It leads to the summit of Mount Rough Draft. The legend says that the distance to the summit isn’t always the same for every hiker and anyone who strays from the path is destined to wander around the base of the mountain forever.  The idea is kind of scary but I’m thinking I might just hike it.  Completing that hike is the Camp’s top challenge and everyone who does it gets the Camp Badge. In all the years I’ve been coming, I’ve never earned a Camp Badge, just a bunch of the ribbons.

Don’t worry. Even though it sounds a bit scary, the counselors here, as well as the other campers are really supportive. There are prep meetings that go on all the time where I can get all the info I need. There’s also an office in the main hall that provides a clear map along with recommendations for the what gear and food to take.

I’m thinking I can make it to the summit and back in time to catch the bus home on the 30th. Last bus leaves at midnight so I’d need to be back, packed, and at the stop by 11:59 at the latest.  I really think I can do it this year.  So, if you don’t hear from me for the rest of the month it’ll be because I’m hiking my way to the summit of Mount Rough Draft.

Once tomorrow’s ribbon ceremony is over, I may just gather my things and head out to the start of the trail. I’ll camp at the base on Sunday, then start first thing Monday morning.  I’ve climbed similar mountains before so this shouldn’t be that difficult.

That’s it for this round.



PS. They’re selling some cool T-Shirts this year. Check it out.

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