The Calm Between Storms

Taken from the deck of a cruise ship the year I turned 40.

So to the left or rather behind me, the flurry of fund raising kick off with its excitement and visions of possibilities and in front?  CAMP NANO!!!

I’m taking today to get some of the smaller to-dos, to-done. Come to think of it, today hasn’t been all that calming, lol. In fact, if I look at things closely, I’ll notice that I’m as anxious as any little kid standing waiting in line to get on their favorite ride at the amusement park.


To all my fellow Campers – hope you have a great season this year and get some major word counts in the books!



6 thoughts on “The Calm Between Storms

  1. Grrr, not doing April Nano this year. Have nothing prepared, and not in a particularly good way at the moment. Good luck, though I know you don’t need it! Hopefully I’ll be able to join you for the June/July one (whichever one it is).

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