2 Legit So We Can Quit – our day jobs that is.

So, as you know, I’ve spent the last eight years publishing my own work and occasionally coaching writer’s from “blank page to published” under the name Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting.  I’ve made a decent hobby of things so far, but now, it’s time to level up as they say and turn this into a legit business.

My partner in this endeavor, head of editing at Nowata, Lia Nelson-James is also looking to take her creative pursuit, Little Brown Skin Girls handmade wall art, from hobby to self-sustaining business.

Little Brown Skin Girls Hand made; individually cut paper crafts. Pieces are framed and very suitable for hanging in any room. Have a piece customized with just about any theme or color scheme.

Both of us currently utilize our full time jobs as our primary sources of income – we’re hoping to change that this year.

To that end, we’re hosting our first annual fundraising event.  Introducing the

2 Legit So We Can Quit (our day jobs) Capital Funds Drive!

There will be different ways for you to help us get those few steps closer to turning our passions into profits.  So as not to overwhelm, we’ll be running various campaigns and contests throughout April, May, and June.

With that in mind, let’s jump right to your first opportunity. Who wants a T-SHIRT? 🙂

Click —-> 2 Legit So We Can Quit at Booster and choose your t-shirt complete with a first-ever-seen Little Brown Skin Girls print on the front.

Of course, we want to say “Thank You!” for your purchase. Send us a picture of you with your shirt and we’ll put you on our VIP List.  You’ll get email notifications of advanced sales, special events, and major discounts on all Little Brown Skin Girls and Nowata Press merchandise. Send the picture to nowatapress@gmail.com.

Other perks during this round of fund raising:

  • First person to purchase a shirt gets signed copies of Breaking Point and Let There Be Life
  • Purchase the 50th T-Shirt and get signed copies of all the Nowata  Press novels, including this year’s releases, The Other Woman, and Eat Prey Blood (a $40 value)
  • Purchase two or more shirts and get a complete set of all Nowata Press paperbacks, including this year’s releases, The Other Woman and Eat Prey Blood (a $54 value)

Get your shirt TODAY!

(PS – to the two people who contributed to the Go Fund Me attempt in February, drop me a note at nowatapress@gmail.com if you’d like a shirt. I’ll make sure you get one to further show my gratitude for your support.)


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