Yup That’s Me…

My older sister.  She was mom’s right hand as I was growing up, once the folks separated / divorced. It was drilled into my head that I was supposed to do what my sister told me to do when mom wasn’t around. I grew up saying yes to her regardless of what I may have wanted or not wanted to do.

She was celebrating her 40th birthday and wanted to fall out of an airplane. Of course, she wanted me with her and without thinking about it too much, I said yes. To make sure I’d not have any excuse not to go, she paid for everything including the video you watched. Mind you, the human you see in the majority of the video is my sister. She was the one paying for it so of course, she was the focus :-).

Skydiving was the second most spiritual thing I’ve ever done in my life. The first was giving birth. But that’s another blog post and no, it won’t include any video.

There was something freeing about not knowing if I was gong to survive or not. Yes, I know – melodramatic and extreme – but seriously, there’s nothing to guarantee that chute is going to open and operate the way it’s supposed to. There’s nothing to guarantee a safe landing. So, when the professional, who was strapped directly to me let go of that plane, I let go of my attachment to the outcome. I closed my eyes for a minute (and therefore was completely unaware that we somersaulted out of the door). Once we were in free fall, I looked around in amazement. I was falling from a hair over 10K feet above the planet. The Rocky Mountains were in full snow capped glory, there were fields, plowed and growing plots of farmland, little dots that were actual herds of cows. In the extreme distance was all of downtown Denver. It was spectacular. And I was wholly in the moment.  I didn’t think about what if, I didn’t worry about how painful it would be to hit the ground from such a height. I just looked around and enjoyed the sensations as they flooded by.

When I got the signal to pull the cord I had a moment of panic because I couldn’t find it, lol, but once the chute opened, the serenity returned and I went right back to loving the moment. A safe landing later and I felt invincible.

Didn’t last but I can remember it and sometimes, the memory is all I need to get me through whatever crazy I find myself wrapped in.

I’m poised at the door of the airplane again or so it feels as I look at all the changes I’m making in my life this year. Let’s jump and see what happens shall we?


7 thoughts on “Yup That’s Me…

  1. Oh Dana, how very exciting!!!! You did it- that’s huge!!!👍👍👍😱. I’ve often considered it but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. You can conquer it all now!! 😜

    1. The place we went to is in Longmont (I think – heck, it’s on the video, lol). Can’t wait to read about your experience – I can see you turning it into an exciting adventure post :-).

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