Never Fails

I have my writing all planned out for April, July (or June, I can never remember when the second Camp NaNo is held), and November. I know which stories I’m going to focus on getting finished.  All is right with the world. And then this happens.

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I am over run with plot bunnies.

Almost four years ago during a failed Camp NaNo run, I had a bunny appear in a short draft of an even shorter outline. There were snippets of dialog, a general, very vague idea of who the characters were, but the plot was quite convoluted. As if it were trying to be an Unusual Suspects (OMG, how cool was that movie…the story line / writing?!!) but without the skill to pull it off. So of course, I tabled it.

Well, yesterday, sitting in traffic as usual, in hops what could be considered the ‘blood relative’ (have you seen 10 Cloverfield Lane yet? OMG!) of that long ago bunny, in the form of two bits of dialog,

“How does it feel to kill people”

“Why don’t you try it and find out?”

The light changed and I had to focus until the next stop when I was able to pull out my handy-dandy (and so not pretty except for the cover, “HI Ellie”) bullet journal. I hastily flip to the section where I keep my book notes and scribble down the two lines which would appear in what could be considered the prologue, the characters’ names, and a line from the first chapter.  Then this morning, the title of the book comes to me as well as the cover art. It’s another short story collection to showcase my darker side. It’s not all women’s contemporary fiction up in here.  Oh no.

I know for sure I’ll be putting this one on the back burner as I focus on the two new novels to be released this year…well, three if you count Aphrodite’s Twin…um, four if you count the second print run of Hello Diva (my first full length book baby). Good grief. Focus, focus. I am finishing and releasing two additional books this year via Camp NaNo and writing the full draft for a third (to be my first release for 2017) during November NaNo.

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If I can keep this bunny happy in its play area that is. Hopefully the other ideas stay in the warren altogether. I’ve got enough to handle.

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7 thoughts on “Never Fails

    1. We have NaNoWriMo to thank for the expression. 🙂 I fell in love with it the first time I ever read it, lol. It is such a brilliant way to identify all those random story ideas that come flooding in when I’m working on a project.

  1. This is why I always just plan the month before. Otherwise new ideas come. Even during the month before I end up with new ideas. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one that is overrun with plot bunnies. I had an idea and started a document for it. A murder mystery – the first line is: “What do you mean we can’t hide the body in a water heater? Fine. I’ll be over as soon as I’m done shopping.” Annnnnd I’ve lost my document.
    OH, and welcome to the dark side. Bujoing can be addictive! 🙂

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