I Do It MY Way – An Indie Published Author’s Celebration

Alright, so you know how I’ve been down in the dumps a few times about this life as an independently – self-published author / business owner.  I needed to counterbalance that with the reasons why I keep doing it despite my basic obscurity and lack of renown as an author, publisher, and coach.  So, here goes.Final Logo

  1. COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL – I am drunk with the power this gives me over how my work is structured. Aphrodite’s Twin, Breaking Point, and The Other Woman all have structures that I’ve either not seen or have only seen once in print before. Aphrodite’s Twin has its short stories tucked into a short story. Each could be a stand alone, but I like the “Inception” quality of the way I put them together. Breaking Point has whole sections that are nothing but dialog without quotation marks and dialog tags – none of that “he said anxiously” jazz. The Other Woman combines short narration written directly to the reader instead of specific chapter headings.  And sure, you’re “supposed” to design book covers that tell the reader exactly what’s inside, but I LOVE the covers I’ve come up with so far. They may not be moving me up the best seller’s list but they fill me with joy every time I see them.
  2. I write the stories I want to read – I don’t pander to any specific genre based tropes, guidelines, or requirements. I write what I’d like to read and so far, I have yet to get any negative feed back. Well, not overwhelmingly negative. Of course, what I write isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea and I don’t mind. But for the most part, people who have read my work like what they’ve read. I haven’t had to change my voice or my style to fit in and that’s incredibly satisfying to me as a writer.
  3. The money I make is my own – none of this waiting for royalty checks or sweating over having to return an advance because I missed a deadline or the book didn’t sell as well as expected.
  4.  I am solely responsible for when my books are released – I don’t have to wait for the publisher to dictate when s/he thinks the book should be out, or have to wait for someone else to do a job before I can move forward. Granted, my own procrastination and lack of capital often get in the way, but because I know this, I can move my release dates around at will. I don’t have to ask permission or be held to some ridiculously tense editing schedule.

Would I like to make a name for myself as big as the Stephen Kings, Charlaine Harris’, James Butchers, or Kim Harrisons of the world? You bet’cha. But I’m not in any particular hurry right now. Steady sales, local name recognition…I’ll be cool with that as long as I have the aforementioned freedoms when it comes to my work.


Thanks for stopping by! If you enjoy what you read here, might I interest you in some of my fiction? Your purchase of any of the Nowata Press titles is what keeps us going. Your reading and feedback is what keeps us improving! Click below to purchase. Then once you’ve read, post your review and shoot me the link. I’ll add it to the Reviews page on the blog.

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Next UP:

  • Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting goes legit – fundraiser, writing contest, tee-shirts and more. Kick-off April 1st! Join us here on the blog for all the details.
  • How to Write and Self-Publish a Book in 6 Months or Less – writer’s workshop at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library, Denver, CO. April 27th, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Seating is limited. Click here for Tickets. It’s FREE!
  • Introducing Little Brown Skin Girls – hand made by Lia Nelson-James – Art show and sale during the month of June at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library.  Opening Reception, June 4, 2016.  Stay tuned for more information.

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• Breaking Point – a woman can only take so much drama
• Aphrodite’s Twin – Love as you’d least expect it.

For any additional information, feel free to drop me a line: nowatapress@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “I Do It MY Way – An Indie Published Author’s Celebration

  1. I love this post – as I move closer to self-publishing, I have to remember these things.

    One that I personally love – though it is scary – is knowing that you’re the one responsible for things, and even if that means you have to take all the bad that comes with that, you’re also the one who gets all the credit in the end, when the hard work pays off.

      1. At the moment, Core War Book 1 has once again stalled, been submitting to Black Library (Warhammer 40,000), submitted an Arrow/Batman novel to Titan Books, and also tried to get a background character bio published on Starwars.com. Titan are the only ones I’ve not heard from, the others were a quick decisive no-go. Joy.

  2. Stopped by after your comment on my blog. Now it all makes more sense :-). Good luck with your publishing endeavors and fundraising. All writers should aspire to quit their day jobs, but alas, I fear that society doesn’t value art highly enough.

    1. True that. I’m thinking I will almost always end up with a little part time gig or something to supplement the writing, but man, to be able to make the switch this year would be most wonderful.

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