Lessons Learned and Learning

  1. There is no changing the other; no protection from its wrath should it decided to turn its sites on you. Instead, prepare for the outcomes as best you can. That is the only way.
  2. Whether it’s personal / intentionally directed at you or not is irrelevant. Wondering why is a waste of energy best spent on other activities.
  3. Sometimes, it is a train. Best be in a position to either get off the tracks completely or brace yourself as best you know how for impact.
  4. The view from under the bus can be very educational. Keep your eyes open through the pain and LEARN.
  5. Telling the truth (especially self-truth) comes with consequences. Quite costly consequences in a lot of instances. But then there’s that feeling of freedom…
  6. Perception has nothing do with getting the job done.
  7. I don’t have to like you to respect you; I don’t have to like you to get along with you.
  8. Doing a job to the best of your ability will often get you punished, not recognized or praised.
  9. Fitting in has stopped (if it ever was) being my forte.
  10. I love who I am at my core, I’m just not very good at showing it.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far.


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