Life and its Lemons

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Taxes done – I owe $3,940 to the feds and $79 to the state.  Guess who has to put off her Day One of training, as well as several other activities and purchases she had planned for the spring?

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I’m freaking out at having to put off the training. I feel guilty for some reason; as if I lied or mislead the trainer in some way. He told me a story about how he’ll get people in for their free consultation and then when he mentions the price they suddenly back peddle. Well, he told me the price up front and it was doable. I was even supposed to pay for my first two weeks this past Friday but life stepped in and I was late. So then I rescheduled to go today. Yeah.  Got the tax information this morning and that squashed all spending for anything other than necessities (and in fact, it’s a good thing I missed making the payment on Friday because that would have left me significantly short on things like groceries this week). Now, I have to go to him and cancel my sessions because I can’t pay for anything until I get this tax bill situated.

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Again, I really wish all the shuffling around I seem to do with my commitments would burn some extra calories. That would go a long way toward eliminating my need to spend money on a personal trainer for sure, lol.


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