Day One’s

Not to be confused with “One Day’s” – those are promises or goals, or wishes. Nope, Day One’s are the days you actually get up and do something that starts you on the way to new.  You can call them “First Day’s” as well, but usually, “First Day’s” don’t always involve new activities.  First day of school means a new year of learning, but only is it a Day One when its the first day ever that you’ve donned the new clothes, put on this never before carried item called a ‘back pack’ , and crossed the threshold into a building you’ve never seen before.  It’s a Day One because you’re completely immersed in a brand new activity.

I also think First Day’s are one time deals. Day One’s imply there will be a Day Two, Three, and so on until the activity becomes habit and you obtain a decent if not expert level of skill.

I’ve got a Day One coming up. Tuesday is Day One of my new training program. Technically it is NOT the first time I’ve ever worked out or worked out with a personal trainer. It is however the first time since I gained weight, got older, and lost my confidence in my ability to lift weights, that I will be making a conscious effort to build muscle. It’s as if I’m doing this for the first time ever because my body doesn’t work the way it did the last time I followed any kind of weight training program. My Day One in this respect is covered in fear and self-doubt.

But it is a Day One and I’m looking forward to getting back to you on Day 36 to report my progress. Really hoping that there is something significant in that area to report…

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