Utter, Random, Senseless Nonsense

Oh the redundancy. It’s fitting though as for some reason I have “Wasting away in Margaritaville / searching for my lost shaker of salt / ….some say there’s a woman to blame / but I know, it’s my own damn fault” circulating in my head.  My brain has tossed in the occasional, even more random thought or six in between “salt” and “some” but then it dutifully circles back and I’m “wasting away” again in no time.

Really brain?  Of all the crap I’ve got to get done in the next so many days, this is what you regale me with this morning? Sigh.

Oh but wait…

So, it’s okay that my brain is sitting at the bar, searching for its lost shaker of salt. Right?

can you tell I didn’t sleep very well last night?  y’all have a good day y’a hear? 

3 thoughts on “Utter, Random, Senseless Nonsense

  1. I think that your brain is telling you to chill out this weekend. Forget your plans and go with flow. Let the salt shaker find you! Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes…

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