Walking down the street

Well, not exactly. I was out getting a little stroll in this morning around the apartment complex. I was paying attention to all the different noises the birds were making. Did you know that some birds have a whole vocabulary of noises they make? There was this one, sitting on a wire that I promise you, must have made at least six different calls. It was amazing.

Toward the end of my walk, I see this critter making its way across the street. At first I thought, “cat”, but then after paying closer attention to the gate, the way the back didn’t move at all cat-like, I thought instead, “opossum”. Before my lack of clear eyesight could have me making more mistaken guesses, things cleared and I was finally able to identify my discovery.




How freakin’ cool is that? I’d say it measured, from snout to the tip of its tail, maybe a foot and some change. I’ve seen my share of wildlife through the years, but it never fails to fill me with a child-like glee to come across an animal not normally seen in the ‘mean streets’ of the city.

Anyway, guess this was Mother Nature’s way of smiling at me – sort of giving me a treat because I was paying attention instead of staring at my cell phone or walking with my ear buds in, music blasting loud enough to drown out all ambient noise.

However it works out, I am grateful.

10 thoughts on “Walking down the street

    1. You know, I thought it might be a snapper just because of how its mouth was shapped. It was bigger than I thought snapping turtles got but just in case, I made sure to stand at a respectable distance, lol.

      1. That looks like a regular snapper. The Alligator Snappers are huge, like the size of your upper body.

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