Decisions Made

  1. Hire and work out with a personal trainer for 3 months. It’ll be worth the investment to work out with a professional and this way, motivation won’t be a factor as I’ll have paid money and have a set schedule to adhere to. I do better if I have appointments I have to keep versus setting up a schedule on my own.  I will also finally be in a position to SEE some physical changes in my body which will then flip that switch in my brain that says to keep at it even when the training sessions run out. I’ll be more inclined to maintaining the results as opposed to reverting back to my hit and miss approach.
  2. Stick to the plan for a full 12 months.  A business plan that is. My partner in publishing and I established a 12 month calendar of events and to-do’s for Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting. I’ve promised her to not deviate from the plan for the entirety of the 12 months so we may establish a baseline on how we’re going to do business from here on out. No more random launches, no more pulling marketing ideas out of thin air then abandoning them before they’ve had a chance to produce results (mind you, I’m the only one of the two of us who does that, lol).  It feels good to have a firm road map in place. Now to figure out how to continuously remind myself that there is a plan I’m supposed to stick to, lol…
  3. Get someone else to manage the business social media needs. And that’s for both me as a writer, NPP&C as a business, and for my partner who is also an independent crafts artist and owner of Little Brown Girls (I’ll be introducing you to her work in a blog post very soon). We need someone to develop and manage the profiles. Oopps, need to work that into our calendar.  So, um…ignore this one for now. The actual hiring of a social media maven will have to be worked into our biz calendar for 2017 :-).  Either way, no more waffling back and forth with whether or not I should go back to Facebook and Twitter. The answer there is a resounding NO and I’m happy to bid it good riddance.
  4. I will launch both the Writer’s and the Creator’s Guilds this year, as groups with manageable memberships and very simple agendas. I will have monthly communications which will include a challenge or “homework” and then both groups will culminate in a celebration where members receive recognition for their participation and acknowledgement for any personal goals they were able to meet because of their work with the group (all of this is in the business plan so I don’t feel bad in mentioning it here 🙂 ).

Feels good to have some things settled for a change. But there’s the rest of my life to consider….

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One thought on “Decisions Made

  1. The personal trainer is a great idea! I have definitely seen results from doing the same. I only see my trainer once a week, sometimes only 3 times a month, but even that is enough. It holds me accountable, teaches me new exercises that I can do on my solo days, & provides encouragement when I want to quit. DO IT! Also, if the first person you work with doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to ask for a different trainer. I think it’s kind of like finding a therapist; you need one who really works with YOU as an individual to receive the maximum benefit.

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