Tired of Getting it Wrong

So this expert explains that the reason my books aren’t selling is because the covers aren’t “right”.  Then this self-publishing whiz points out that my books aren’t selling because my story isn’t “right” for my genre.  Another professional tells me my books aren’t selling because I don’t know the “right” things about my target audience.

No, these are statements that have been directed to me specifically, they are the lessons to learn from the many writers I follow – they issue all of these edicts, how-to’s, the best way to do’s, and such and I find that they are all pretty much the opposite of how I’ve gone about the business of writing, publishing, and marketing my work. In other words, I’m doing it all WRONG.

So when following one’s heart / instinct / passion seems to be in direct opposition with how ‘everyone’ says things should be done, then what?

I really don’t feel well. I should perhaps stop reading and writing until the crud has left my system. 

8 thoughts on “Tired of Getting it Wrong

      1. Thanks!!! I checked out the link…but it sent me to a consulting site. Do you have the Amazon link? I’m 90% ebooks these days, as my dead tree library is packed and overflowing! AGAIN! LOL I still read the occasional traditional paper variety, but it’s rare. I think I read one dead tree book for every 20ish ebooks. (And the dead tree books are often borrowed from the library.) When your a voracious reader, it’s just handier to be able to carry your library in the palm of your hand. 😉 I’m currently reading 3 books actively, 2 are in the wings, and I’ve got another book that’s waiting for me to read before my next book club meeting. On average, I read a book or two a week…which is probably more info than you need for a simple link request. 🙂

      2. Yeah, my Square Market site does look more like something you’d see for a consultant – I use it to sell my paperbacks and coaching services. But, since you’re all digital, all the time :-), my Amazon site is: http://ow.ly/Z7b9R. It’s wonderful to meet an avid reader – I have one paperback, and three e-books currently in reading rotation so I feel your ‘pain’ :-).

  1. Oddly even these ‘experts’ have trouble marking their own books – even their books on how to market books. I have a close friend, long time in the industry, who has sold millions around the world & still can’t a publisher for her latest work –

    1. I would love to chat with her. 🙂 I’m okay with maintaing my self-published status, but good grief, just once I’d like to read that even though it’s SLOW going getting the recognition / sales I’d like, that I’m not a complete idiot for doing things the way I do. lol

  2. Trust me, you need to talk to Chris Nuttall, he makes loads from self-publishing, put out loads of books, and still gets turned down by traditional publishers, and has his critics. It’s down to their own personal opinion, in all fairness.

    1. Always open to chatting with someone who seems to be getting it “right”. And that not getting a traditional publishing contract, I’m not stressing that. In fact, I’m really okay with making it as an indie till I stop writing for good. 🙂

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