Follow. One. Course. Until. Satisfied.  FOCUS.  I don’t seem to be able to do that.  I can hone in on a course of action but I tend to veer off before the action yields any satisfactory outcomes. I am great at starting, going along for awhile, but then I seem to

I need some way to keep my plan in front of me every day, all day. Some how, some way to keep my course of action in the fore front of my mind so when it comes time to make a decision, I can make it based on what it is I’m working toward.

Instant gratification factors into things a bit. I justify the pair of shoes, the lunch out, the sitting on the couch with the fact that I’m stressed, tired, or ‘deserving’ of a break, a reward, a minute to relax. It’s easy for me to put aside or just plain ‘forget’ that I’m working toward a bigger goal, gratification that will come later. I forget the PLAN – the to-dos that need to get done that move me steps, leaps, bounds toward that GOAL. The regret / remorse sets in when it’s months down the line and I see where my instant gratification moments have moved me backwards. It’s then I notice all the moments I was on autopilot when it came time to chose. The rut and routine in my choices – quite frankly, it makes me sad.

You’ve read the posts, you’ve seen the lofty dreams, goals, plans, and ideas. But year after year, I’m starting to wonder if my life isn’t some how caught in an endless loop,

with the exception that my learning curve is a little steeper than I’d like. I want to get off this particular track, all of this going around in circles or spinning my wheels is just ugh.

I have one last business plan. I can buy a complete fitness / nutrition plan.  But what’s to keep me from forgetting them?

This cold has me in all kinds of bad moods.

You know, I need to come up with some rewards that move me TOWARD my goals and not away. Some instant gratification kinds of things that I can put into play when I need to justify the a-fore mentioned stresses and such. Things that move me to do what I need and say I want to get done, done. Don’t suppose you have any ideas on things I can do that won’t break the budget, won’t add pounds, or have me up to my eye-balls in crap I won’t use?

Oh, look at the time. Gotta wrap up in my cold meds and call it a night. Thanks for stopping by…

Love you guys!

4 thoughts on “Focus

  1. I’m miserable at starting things. I’m much better at maintaining or ending things, so I fear my advice on how to stick with the plan wouldn’t be of much use to you. I’ve always been told that if you can figure out WHY you’re doing something, then the HOW and WHEN will fall into place. In fact, earlier this week I posted a simple little chart [from Harvard Business Review, of all places] that allows you to quickly discern your thinking style. Maybe that’s a place to start for you, so that you’ll know why you is like you is.

    1. Hey Ms. Bean :-). I read that post and the first time came up with Energizer as my role, but I go back today and look at it again and this time I’m thinking Explorer. Which seems more in line with what I do on a regular basis. For my ideas and such I’m all over the map, but when other’s bring me their ideas, I’m the Energizer Bunny in my attempts to get them motivated to do what needs to be done…perhaps I need to find an Energizer of my own.

      As I mulled over my “why’s”, I realized they too tend to fade when I’m in the middle of choosing so now I’m wondering how do I imprint my plan and my why so they are my default basis for decision making. Would a psychiatrist or psychologist be helpful in this? Hmmm, or perhaps hypnotism is the way to go?

      Maybe I just need to table all of this until the cold meds are completely out of my system and I’ve gotten over the crud, lol. Thanks for your comment though :-). As usual, it gave me perspective.

      1. Dana, I imagine that we’re all a combo of those archetypes depending on what situation we find ourselves in. When in a group tasked with accomplishing something, I sometimes lean toward Explorer and Energizer, too. I have no personal experience with psychologists or hypnotism, but I do hope that if you do either you’ll share your experiences with us here. Especially the hypnotism one. You are getting very sleepy…

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