Getting Ready for Camp

Well, not just Camp but 2016 NaNo-palooza :-).  Going to participate in all three NaNo’s this year:


  • Camp NaNo (April 1 – 30) = The Other Woman (TBReleased Sept. 23rd, 2016).  This puts me on a tight production schedule. 30 days to finish the draft – I’m shooting for 65K total words; three months to edit, rewrite, polish, proof, then print.
  • Camp NaNo (July 1-31) = Eat Prey Blood (TBReleased Oct. 31st, 2016).  Another tight production schedule. Shooting or a draft of 65K on this one as well.



  • NaNoWriMo (Nov. 1 – 30) = Code Name: Onyx Butterfly (TBReleased March 20th, 2017)

Now, in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m cheating on all of these by not starting with a completely clean slate. Hence the elevated word counts. Because of my overly ambitious production schedules, I’m not rooty-pooting around with the writing and sneaking in bits and pieces here and there.

So, that’s that. Here’s to the words! And getting over this freakin’ crud. We’ve got fevers now….(fuss, grumble)

9 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Camp

  1. Awesome, good luck! 😀 I’m still debating over whether I should do Camp NaNo or not. I’m in the midst of editing something, but it might be good to take a break for a month. I’m thinking about using Camp to keep working on my NaNo ’15 novel. 🙂

    1. Anything that gets the words to page, I’m pretty much a fan of :-). I’m going to set up a cabin and attempt to be more social this year, maybe arrange and actually host some sprints. I’m Satin Sheet Diva in NaNo land so if you join, look me up. Happy writing!

  2. Oh my goodness – good luck! I haven’t finished NaNo in years (any of them!). I start with good intentions, then life, work, the blog, etc. all get in the way. Maybe I’ll get through one of them this year…

    1. Well, if you’d like a writing partner, just let me know. We can schedule some sprints or virtual write ins. I am, afterall, a writing coach. 😀 Im all about helping folks get from (shameless self promotion warning) “Blank Page to Published”…eh? Lol. Seriously tho, let me know if / how I can help. 😀

  3. I am seriously considering the April camp and setting a goal of 25,000 words, if only to push myself to go, go, go and finish this novel. I really find myself dragging of late.

    1. Your version of “dragging” would be a NaNo win for me, lol. Will you take any real time “off” between the finish of this and the start of the next? How many volumes are there to Kerry and Annie’s tale?

      1. I think I may have to switch up gears and do something else to stave off burn out. Getting three-quarter of a million words out on these kids in two-and-a-half years likely warrants a rest.

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