…It was calling my name!

Just a little random nonsense while I sit through the cooties :-). Enjoy.

Have you ever bought something because you heard it call to you? You know, you’re walking by that one store window and that little cute, whatever it is, in the corner catches your eye and begins to whisper sweet nothings?

Yeah, well, I’m not normally that type of shopper. Oh sure, something catches my eye, but no matter how much it whispers, if my budget can’t take the hit (and by budget I mean my immediate, known expenses versus my current bank balance) then I easily walk on by. But then this happened.

So there we were, close to the end of  our fabulous, whirlwind land cruise around Europe when we find ourselves in one of the many places in Italy (we visited Venice, Montecatini, and Florence, with stops in between) where you can find great deals on leather goods. I had no intention of buying anything when lo and behold, there on the shelf were a collection of purses (PURSES!!! I’ve never carried anything bigger than a wallet on a string in my LIFE for more than a week or two) that were not only cute, but get this…

That’s my freakin’ NAME!!!

That’s right folks, there is apparently a maker of fine Italian leather handbags that has my same NAME.  It was tough trying to decide between the black or the red. I keep thinking I should have gone with the red, but truth be told, the black goes with EVERYTHING in my closet so guess who hasn’t gone a single day without a purse since she left the shop?

After calculating the exchange rate, I do believe this is the most expensive item I’ve EVER bought that didn’t have four wheels. I love it though. 0228161310

It holds my wallet (no longer on a string), my Kindle (in its case), my hand sanitizer, travel sized lotion, small wig brush, head ache meds, bullet journal (Hi Ellie, I’m starting my trial run, thanks to your inspiration), pens, lip balm, car keys, house keys, and of course, my cell phone in its almost-an-exact-match-to-my-purse case.


I’ve also got nail clippers, a file, my iPod shuffle, and spare charger thingy in there. Oh, and a small bag of flossers (my dentist would be happy, I floss now just for the fun of it).  I have now, officially joined the ranks of the purse carrying set.

It’s not as if I’ve never owned a purse. I actually have a collection of five or six – all purchased because they were either just that quirky or matched a pair of shoes. Mind you, the shoes got worn. The purses? Hardly saw the light of day, lol. They’re even more tucked away now because my namesake has captured my full attention.

As you may remember having read, I’m beginning to venture outside my Comfort Zone so there will be more opportunities to be out and about in the world of socializing humans. I plan on utilizing my namesake and the other purses in my collection as I step up my style game – after all, can’t be seen stepping up to the mic in just any old outfit and sipping a glass of Port at a winery in the Duro river valley in Portugal will definitely call for something chic. Granted, the other purses in the collection don’t boast to be made of the finest in Italian leather but they’ll do for the single night or two.

Okay, enough with the chit-chat. The head ache med is wearing off which means it’s time to switch off the laptop and go back to chillin’ with the crud.

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Hugs!

2 thoughts on “…It was calling my name!

  1. Love love love your purse! Glad you’re trying the BUJO. I have been much better with my time management since I started using it. Italy – wow. Some day we will go there.

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