Comfort Zone – the Continuing Exploration Beyond

First tentative steps beyond the borders of my Comfort Zone:

  1. DIY Program & Creator’s Guild launch. – the program was by no means ready but I “launched” it anyway. Long live my Bass-Ackwards approach to life and living, especially when it comes to business. Just have to be sure to temper it with some good sense and fiscal responsibility. I’m still trying to recover from having spent money to print the workbooks instead of, well…saving it, lol.
  2. Go Fund Me Campaign to attend Marie Forleo’s B-School – I shudder at the thought but am mighty grateful to the two people who donated some money. THANK YOU!! I struggle to ask for money in any situation and unless $1979 comes in between now and March 1st, I’ll be returning the money as the campaign will have proven to be unsuccessful. Not sure how I feel or what lessons this might be teaching me, but I’m sure it’s another situation where leaping before I look isn’t going to pay off, reminding me to slow down and THINK just a bit before I act.
  3. Scholarship video application for Marie Forleo’s B-School – if it weren’t for my daughter’s excellent directing and editing skills, I’d never appear in front of the camera again. Mind you, I’ve done four videos of myself since 2013 (?). The first was shot at a networking event by an expert. The second one I hope to never see again – it was my first scholarship video application from 2014 and it royally sucked – also it obviously didn’t win any favor with the judges. Then there was the video I did when I applied for what would have been a dream job – working as an Exec Assist to the founder and president of Nerd Fitness. I was actually quite proud of that one – again, thanks to the brilliance that is my daughter’s directing and editing. And now this year’s scholarship app, which again, I thought came out pretty well but, again didn’t work. I’m starting to think video just isn’t my thing.
  4. So of course, I go and record video of myself speaking a foreign language I’ve NEVER spoken before all in an effort to learn the first of two foreign languages.  I’ve got it in my head that I want to be conversationally fluent in the languages of the places I have left to visit on my travel bucket list. I drifted through one of them on my last vacation but didn’t  have any real time to spend. I want to go and spend a week or two:  in Brazil, partying scantily clad in the streets during Carnival in Bahia and maybe Rio, and visiting the winery where my favorite Port wine is made in Portugal (Portuguese); wandering the streets and villages that make up the area where I was born (German).

A wise blogger’s recent post reminded me that “not just hard work, but hard work outside of one’s comfort zone-is what invites that ineffable grace.” (Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, Feb. 23rd – Musings).  Here’s hoping my journeys (insignificant as they may feel) are walking me into Grace’s line of sight as I sure could use some of Her magic.  🙂

Meanwhile, here’s the complete list of trips I plan on taking outside my Comfort Zone this year:

  • Take singing lessons and sing in front of a few friends
  • Take motorcycle riding lessons and get my license
  • Take a gun safety course and improve my aim
  • Finish all NaNos this year with 50K words or more each draft
  • Take official lessons in both desired languages and have a five minute or longer conversation with a native speaker with NO ENGLISH spoken the entire time

Yeah. This is definitely going to have me well outside my Comfort Zone for sure.

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