Sunday Afternoon – what a difference a pill makes

Yeah, so I’m riding the wave. Trying to capitalize on the high while I can.  So:

  • I made a signature block that’s going to go at the end of all my blog posts that deal with the businesses, so any post that talks about my writing or the coaching work I do will have a standard block of text at the end which will announce workshops, book releases, sales, and other business related news.
  • I’ve finished 30% of the formatting for Aphrodite’s Twin, the e-book.  You would think after having done this for four other books, I’d have it down pat but nope. I’m still having to go back and forth between the instructions and the file to make sure I get it right. Sigh. But no stress. At least I’ve gotten a lot done. I want to have it uploaded in a couple of days so it goes through the approval process in time to do the release on Valentine’s Day.  Fingers crossed, eh?
  • My press release, Evite, and subsequent blurbs for this year’s event at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library are done and ready for action. I’ll send the press release in March. If I do it now, I’m sure people will forget over the next three months so, the press releases will go out a month in advance.  I have a good feeling about things this year.  Attendance has been waning over the years so I came up with a catchier title and a lighter format.

So there you go. Gotta run some errands, then I’m done because by then, the pill will be wearing off and I’ll need to be back in the cave.

Hope you’re enjoying your day! Love you :-).

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