Another Rocky Start

February 1st. Hmmm.  I got maybe four hours of sleep this morning. This month is off to …seems silly to repeat it. Good grief. To say I’m tired would be putting it mildly.

copied from

When in this state, it is hard to process information, in other words, it’s extremely difficult for me to write. Which then slows down my thinking processes as I tend to think through typing. I’m weird that way. It’s not just the sound of my (and those other) voice(s) in my head. I do my best thinking through the written word. But when I’m running on so little sleep, finding the flow – the right words, the meanings – is more than difficult. My Divinity only shouts when it’s absolutely necessary, otherwise She whispers and I only hear Her in the silence between key strokes.  Sleepless nights leave a loud echo in my head and Her voice is completely blocked out.  My Demon(s) doesn’t seem to be hindered by anything except the silence between keystrokes. But even then, It’s voice seems to come through but in barely perceptible volumes.

Asleep at the altar. copied from How to Fall Asleep Faster by Katelyn Weel,

I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve instead been focused on doing business-y stuff. It’s February 1st though. I’ve got a book to format and release by next weekend, an author’s event to book and promote…a blog book tour to write questions for…wait. All of that is still business-y stuff isn’t it? Still not much writing going on. Not the type of writing that is my form of prayer, meditation, stress relief, and general loving on myself and the Universe. Hmmm. Two months till the 1st session of Camp NaNo. Will I wait that long before I kneel in my Temple and make my offerings to my Divinity and my Muse?

Ugh. I am so sleepy.

Going to take just a quick nap here at my desk… copied from

2 thoughts on “Another Rocky Start

  1. I so know what you mean by thinking through your writing. It really is the only way I can make sense of my own brain so much of the time, not to mention the chaotic world around us. Now get some rest! 🙂

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