So Much for the “New” Year

Yeah, no…I’m not giving up on 2016 already, lol.  I’m just noticing that once January ends, the “new” will have worn off, taking quite a bit of the excitement, inspiration, and motivation to get all this @#$^ done with it.

Of course, my initial focus is on all the things I said I wanted to do this month that didn’t come close to getting done. I will wallow in that for a minute; experiencing the too often felt sense of failure that comes with an unmarked to-do list. I’ll moan and spout off my excuses and justifications. I’ll blame fate, circumstance, and other things I had no control over. Then my Divinity will step in and shut it all down with a few well placed reminders, the biggest being, “You are where you are because of the choices you made. Make different choices, take different actions, get those different results.”

Then, because She loves me, She’ll turn my head (focus) so I may see the actual accomplishments that I overlook in my efforts to stay with the familiarity of failure.

  • Managed to save $100.00+ with my automated savings app. It’s called Digit. At first, I was skeptical but so far, it’s been fun, easy to use and there haven’t been any shenanigans.  For someone like me, who is brand new to personal money management on the base level and may be overcoming bad spending habits, this is very helpful. First came getting out of debt (YAY!), then came getting my spending to be more of a conscious deal (work in progress but definitely improved), and now consistent savings. I may get a handle on this growing up thing yet, lol.
  • Two finished writing pieces (the DIY Guild Work Book and Aphrodite’s Twin). The money to get the first printed was spent out of excitement leaving the lesson learned that I need to earn the money for printing costs some other way. Sigh. Hence AT still languishing in the ready to go to the printer stage. Not a failure, just a GLARING delay in the release process. BUT, inspiration struck in remembering that it costs me nothing to produce an e-book, so guess what? The E-version will release on time and hopefully earn a few dollars toward the printing costs of the paperback.  Perhaps if I did more actually marketing…
  • Weight and blood pressure came down in just a couple weeks. I’m getting the swing of this eating thing – in other words, eating to live versus living to eat. I’m discovering what and how much of something my body needs in order to do what I want it to do.
  • Writer’s workshop ended up with FIVE participants :-).  Up to now, I’ve had only two stick with it through the whole 7 week schedule. It’ll be week three next week, and if all five show up, I’ll count that as my personal best when it comes to life as a writing coach, lol.

So while the sparkle fades, the motivation wanes greatly, I switch from “want to do” to “chose to do” and see how far that gets me. Hoping you had a great start to 2016. Onward…

Cheesy motivational meme – it’s a must for a post like this, don’t’cha think? 🙂

4 thoughts on “So Much for the “New” Year

  1. It always comes down to what we choose to do. Some days that sounds inspirational, other days it sounds like a curse! I say we all need to focus on successes and leap into February. 😉

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