Moving Forward

I’ve changed the pricing on all my e-books.  May I interest you in a “cheap” quality read? 😉


From the creative alter egos at Nowata Press Publishing and Consulting comes the erotic, engaging, sensually charged, collection of short stories and poems. Satin Sheet Memoirs, Volume 1 is for the mature adult, this collection is sure to bring new meaning to the term, “literary pleasure.”


Cropped LTBLLet There Be Life; let me introduce you to Lex Burns, a woman whose recent divorce leaves her facing a ‘new’ life as a single woman. Join her on this funny, heartfelt and entertaining journey as she discovers self-fulfillment and of course, true love.



Charise never thought she was “beautiful.” Having grown-up with a father who believed good looks meant having “good hair”,  an attribute he constantly reminded Charise she didn’t have, her self-esteem didn’t stand a chance . So of course, when her hair starts to fall out, she resigns herself to spending the rest of her life as a permanent “ugly duckling”. That is, until her best friend and hair stylist Yvette comes to the rescue with The Weave.  “Hello Diva“!

Read along as Charise finds out what happens when self-confidence and the idea of beauty are built around something so easily lost.



Cropped BPJr. is an only child with no one to protect him from his father’s push for perfection. The pressure turns Jr.’s coping mechanism into a deadly obsession.

Eddie is used to getting his way with the ladies, by charm or by force. When he finally encounters the one woman who seems resistant to his usual tactics, his anger forces him to deadly extremes.

Mike, forever the strong, stoic type, became a police officer to be the ‘hero’, the “knight in shining armor.” But his sister’s brutal unsolved murder might prove to be what makes his hero identity come apart at the seams.

Caitlyn believed she had everything under control. But her involvement with these three men will cause her carefully constructed façade to shatter, taking her sanity along with it.

Breaking Point is the tale of four lives and what happens when one is taken to the very limits of their control; sometimes there’s just no picking up the pieces once the Breaking Point has been reached.



Coming soon – Aphrodite’s Twin. “This ain’t yo’ mama’s collection of short stories.” LOL! Have been dying to use that phrasing for a while now and while it doesn’t quite fit, I’m still going to roll with it because as far as my writing goes, this has got to be the oddest style I’ve attempted yet. Did you see the movie Inception? That whole dream within a dream deal? Yeah, well Aphrodite’s Twin is four short stories that are embedded in a short story. Sort of like Turducken, only not as greasy.

Copied from

Anyway, it is truly a different animal as far as short story collections go and I hope you’ll take a chance on it when it hits the e-shelves next week.

And speaking of randomness.  I know why Apple named that tiny podling an iShuffle. You have to do a lot of shuffling to get to it in time to push the next button to keep from hearing it play that one song for the 30th time today. sigh.

Have a great weekend you guys!


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