Mid Month Review

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Whew, alright check this out.

I’ve got three new writers to coach :-).  My workshop through Marietta Community School starts Tuesday. I’m so excited.

Filming for the DIY Creator’s Guild, 2016 begins next week as well. There will be short, monthly videos to explain the 8 main activities and the two primary tools that make it easy to incorporate goal achieving into anyone’s daily life.

Test results back from my physical. Weight gain and elevated blood pressure aside, my cholesterol is 20 points over ideal as well. I’ve got my work cut out for me as I make sure none of these get to a point of creating any major health issues. This past week didn’t see any great increases in activity level, I did manage to get in five simple workouts. I curbed the eating out but not enough I think. But I made a few strides. My most recent weigh in:

  • 198.5 pounds      (down 2.1 lbs.)
  • 36.5 % body fat  (up .06 %)

Happy to see some changes on the scale no matter how little in either direction things went. Any change lets me know my efforts (or lack thereof, lol) make a difference.

The workbook should be done and in hand early next week.  Just in time to get the 2016 Guild moving forward.

I’ve revamped the way the site looks for now. Next week I work with a fellow entrepreneur who can give me the basics on how to make the accounting part of my business work. Week after that, I’ll move to get the blog converted and then I start hustling to get some books sold.

Whew. Not bad for it being just a couple weeks into the year, eh?  Hope you’re off to a grand start. Let me know how I can help, okay?

5 thoughts on “Mid Month Review

    1. How is your word of the year working for you so far? I read your post in which you chose it, but when I tried to do the same, I couldn’t come up with anything. A mantra? Sure. A Motto? Definitely. But to be able to come up with a single word? That’s magic :-).

      1. Satin Sheet Diva, my word of the year is turning out to be useful. I’m applying it to all sorts of situations. Feel free to give it a test drive to see if it’s your word of the year, too.

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