Under Construction

So, going to do a little tinkering with the blog this afternoon and evening as I get things situated for the new year of activity. At some point, I’m also going to have a technical wizard wave their magic wand and turn this blog into my one and only website from which I will have direct linkage to my books and coaching services, making it a tad easier for folks to read, buy, comment, and what not.

The copy on my static pages will change just a bit as well. Don’t worry, I’m not going all infomercial; you won’t find any of that here. Mostly because I’m not going to enroll in any of the “how to run a business” classes that I’d thought I needed. Realized that the classes I was interested in are turning out online business that visually look the same…it’s like driving into a new housing development and all the houses look the same. There might be a different trim on that one, or a different color siding, but for the most part, you can’t tell one house from the next.

Hollyhock homes (Photo courtesy of Burbank Housing)


But seriously, anyone who knows me knows…that just “ain’t” the way I do things…



I get that there are sound business practices I need to follow in order to be successful and I will be looking to incorporate many of them into how I run the business but, we all know I’ve got to put my spin on things and that quite often means ending up doing what I want to do first, reading / following the instructions later.




I’m looking forward to how things turn out, aren’t you?

In other news…I’ve gained some new readers on the blog – thank you for following along and welcome to the site. I hope what I post and share provides you with some measure of motivation, inspiration, entertainment, and support as you journey on.  Also hope you’ll buy and read a couple of my books.  We’ll talk about that more as the year goes on.

Let’s see, I think that’s it for now. I’ve run into creative overwhelm as in I have too many new things I want to start, one or two ongoing projects that need my attention; there’s the day job, the remnants of a social life, and the getting back to healthy habits; all taking up a lot of mind space these days which crowds my ability to process (write).  I’ve got a 3 day weekend ahead. Will use the down time to get the business spaces cleaned up to open flow in those areas.  I’ve got a three day weekend in February that I’ll use to get the home spaces de-cluttered which will free up more space. I plan on being ready to roll with both Camp NaNo’s this year (April = finish draft of The Other Woman; June = finish draft of Eat Prey Blood).

Alright. So…y’all have a great day, ya’hear? :-).

3 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. I am looking forward to visiting when you have moved in. I hope a selection of refreshments and nibbles will be on offer, I will bring a Victoria sponge to help with the house warming… Maybe an upside down cake would be more appropriate, if the last house was anything to go by. 😉😇*snigger*

    1. I have been looking forward to trying a Victoria Sponge for years now. 🙂 Any treat you bring to the party will be most appreciated (even if I have to stand upside down to eat it 😉 )

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