Decisions, decisions

How do you do it? How do you pick between several courses of actions? Gut instinct? Consultation with your spirit guide (a.k.a. prayer)? Darts? Pros and cons lists?

I’ve not spent much time examining how I make decisions. I tend to just push the button and deal with the fall out. I don’t think much about consequences, potential outcomes, effects or the like. Which is why so much of life has been a surprise of sorts, lol.Ā  I spend quite a bit of time in “Oh wow, didn’t see that coming” land. Which, as I look back, seems silly because most of the consequences to my actions / decisions were quite predictable and would have been obvious to anyone else.

Hmmmm. Must be slowing down in my older age because now, I find myself mulling over my choices to the point where I’m paralyzed, unable to move forward on anything with any level of speed. It’s annoying to me to be stuck like this.


Okay, so it’s Sunday.Ā  I’m going to post the decisions I’m stuck on, then come Monday, start pulling triggers. Enough of this contemplation. I’ll give my Divinity a little over 24 hours to whisper Her guidance in my ear. HA! This should be interesting, eh?

  1. Go back to Facebook and Twitter as a means to market my books and coaching services.
  2. Set up a Go Fund Me campaign to cover book printing costs for the year and pay for me to attend Marie Forlio’s B-School (as business investments).

Advice? Suggestions? Would love to read what you have to say on the subject.

9 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. You should absolutely go back to Facebook and Twitter for marketing and networking. As long as you are moving forward and taking steps, you are on the right track. Miss you!

    1. Don’t think I’ll be able to get past the constriction in my chest when I just think about Facebook. Which definitely is an indication that I may need to leave FB to the professionals, lol.

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