Something Different

Newer isn’t always better, but there is something to be said for starting off in something shiny and unused.

And unlike the ever changing face of WordPress – a site that has taken revamp to a whole new level – I don’t just want to switch up the color scheme.  I want to start over.  No, not on another blog platform. The only other one I’ve tried was yech, and despite WordPress changing its functionality with the speed of a teen-ager updating their twitter feed, I still think it’s the coolest so far.

So yeah, I’d stick with WordPress, but I’m revamping the whole shebang. I’m itching to find a new theme, ditch the “Satin Sheet Diva” (ugh) and have categories that actually make sense. I made this blog up as I went along and now that I have more fully developed my business / personal mission and purpose, have a clearer idea of what it is I write, and what it is I want to share via my blog, this old thing has got to go.

It’s taken me five years to build up a following of 253, that’s not a lot of folks over five years, especially when you compare to other sites who are looking at 1K followers and have only been on the scene for a year or so.  On the one hand, gathering followers wasn’t my mission when I started anyway, so no big deal there. It’s just that as it stands, I’d hate to lose the 200+ I have by switching to a new blog. But then again, I can post links to this one for the first month or so… and really, of the 253, how many are actively following me?


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Anyway, I want to CREATE a whole new deal. I’ve got the business with its three departments, all of which need to be advertised and talked about, and of course, I need space to clean the word clutter from my brain while connecting with you guys in the blogosphere. I love it here by the way, you guys are most awesome and I LOVE reading your posts.  Oh, and then there’s my “walking the walk” where I LIVE the tips and suggestions and what not that I use in my coaching work. I think it lends a certain amount of validity, worth, and honesty to see me practicing what I preach. Not to mention adding to my credibility as a coach (seeing as how I’m not certified and probably won’t be until the feds say you have to be – no surprise there, I’m doing it my way – bass ackwards – as usual). All of that needs to be a regular feature on my blog so you guys will see how it all works and will eventually book me to coach you to living your best life to date.

Wow…is this the Universe talking to me or what? I head over to YouTube to find a video to illustrate my “bass ackward” approach to life and what do I find?  An old video from one of my gurus that speaks to the question in my mind…

So, guess who will have a new blog up on Jan 1st?  :-).  As if I didn’t have enough to do while I’m supposed to be ‘resting’…LOL.

***Update, 12/30 @ 3:00 PM***

Scratch that. After fiddling around with the ‘new’ WordPress blog set-up thingy, figured I’m just going to edit the current and add some new pages, lol. Seriously no need in reinventing the wheel, eh?


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