Two O’Clock in the Morning

So there I lay, restless, mind chatter beating the silence into submission. There is work to be done, money to be spent, planning to turn into action. I had been running on impulse power as it was; hoping to take the last two weeks of 2015 off from the side hustle in order to rest my brain and my body. I needed to get the bill payer situated so that I could give the side hustle the attention it’s going to need come the new year. But that’s not how things are working out.  At all.

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Randomness from the past few nights of tossings and turnings:

  • No excuses, just solutions.  “But I have kids…” turns into, “But I have kids who will benefit from my stepping it up a notch, setting and enforcing clearer boundaries, all the while showing them how one puts in the effort to get what they want.”  Speaking of kids, do they have chore / goal charts? Add your name and the goals you’re working toward, then when everyone does what they’re supposed to do for the day, EVERYONE gets a gold star and a reward (preferably one that supports the building of positive habits).

  “But I don’t have any money…” turns into, “But I don’t have any money so I need to get creative with how I do things. There’s a bunch of stuff in the house / apartment / etc. that I don’t use or really need and moving it from place to place is a pain anyway. Let’s just have a couple months of a major Ebay sale and call it good. I can use that money to pay for…  Once I get that situated, I’ll barter for / find a free way to / figure out how to offer…”

  • Fastest way to get someone to stop complaining is to ask them what they plan to DO to change the situation.  But then again, that can quite often lead to whining AND complaining, so best to just shut ’em down quickly with either a change in or and end to the conversation altogether.
  • Don’t set goals for yourself that depend on other people’s efforts, i.e. “I’m going to be on the NYT best sellers list this year.”  Achieving that goal depends on people buying your book in mass quantities. You have no control over who buys and who doesn’t. What you do control is the number of people you market to on a daily basis. Set the goal then to market to a hundred people a day (just an example) for the year.  Before 2015 is up, review those goals and revamp those that are dependent on other’s actions / efforts so that the only effort required comes from the only thing in this world you have any amount of control over…and that’s YOU.

Speaking of marketing (yeah, I know, but my brain…), no, best not go there. I’m not at all interested in doing it the way I’m “supposed to” so no need in mentioning it.


Ooh wee, I could use a nap.

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