It Just Won’t Leave Me Alone

Design It Yourself, A Non Traditional Approach to Self-Help.  That’s the third revenue stream of  Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting – the business I founded and co-manage.

I spent the majority of November working on the book (text and work pages) instead of my TWO NaNo ideas.  I hosted my first coaching session (aka, the first meeting of the DIY Creator’s Guild) this past weekend and thought that I’d take a break from everything until January. Yeah, well…

The Planner has proven to be a design nightmare in that I have no real graphic design skills to speak of. I can format an e-book in under so many hours, but this monster may just prove to be beyond my reach. At least I thought so until an idea popped into my head this morning. So of course, I’ve got to try out the new approach and see if I can get it done in time to get it printed and bound for use January 1st. HA!!  February 1st might be the more realistic date on that, but we’ll see.

I’ve also been working on…

  • the Creator’s Guild mission statement, membership commitment form, and the event and meeting calendar; with sprinklings of ideas regarding a website
  • my life master calendar
  • the 2016 Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting publishing calendar

I’m a lot like Victoria in the movie RED…

I just can’t seem to stop, lol.

Oh well, I’m trying to take breaks, mostly to rest my eyes, my wrists,  and get the blood circulating in my legs properly (all this sitting is so not good for me).  But somehow I’m thinking I’m in this till it’s up and running.

Ahhhh, the life of a budding entrepreneur…

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