Just about worded out

Seriously thinking it’s time for a break.  After I get the workbook and planner formatted, printed and bound (all by this Friday I might point out) then I’m taking a break.

I’ve still got to document my plan for next year for my business / life / writing; perhaps I’ll do that by hand…transpose it into my newly designed planner, take it for a trail run.  Hope to have this first group beta test both the workbook and the planner.  Did you know it takes roughly 240 pages to make a year long, one day per page, style planner?  That thing is a @$%^^ to format, let me tell you.


Oopps, I wandered there. Sorry. Uh, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, taking a break. I need to recharge the creative batteries. So yeah, think I’ll pack it in starting on the 20th then perhaps mosey on back to production the 10th of January.

This calls for a list.  2016 Production Schedule:

  1. Register copyrights, trademarks, business – make EVERY aspect of my business legit with the feds (find and retain a really good CPA).
  2. Aphrodite’s Twin – finally, finally, get this baby to the printer and out into the world.
  3. The Other Woman – finish during Camp NaNo, plan to release in September 2016
  4. Eat Prey Blood – finish during other Camp NaNo, plan to release in October 2016
  5. Wrap up beta test of workbook, presentations, day planner – lessons learned, make edits, clean up and print in official release numbers.
  6. Celebrate DIY Creator’s Guild inaugural members – host award dinner October 2016. Ask them to help spread the word for the ‘grand opening’, December 2016.
  7. December 25, 2016 – January ?, 2017 – HIATUS :-).

Whew. Just looking at that makes taking this break all that more important because that’s just one small aspect of my life at this point. There’s a move to another city, the body love / healthy living deal I’m incorporating into the mix, a personal lifestyle transition, and some family stuff to deal with.  And no doubt, the Universe will toss in whatever it’s got planned for me.

So yes. Definitely a good idea to shut it down for a minute.


copied from www.spectrumscience.com

6 thoughts on “Just about worded out

    1. Eat Prey Blood was your idea :-). I hope I can do it justice. Converting a short story to novel length is new for me. But it’s been fun so far. I’ve changed the story a bit so Chloe has a few more adventures and supporting cast…I’m keeping the love story of course, but changing Dimitri’s character to better fit the newer universe in which the story takes place.

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