End of Year Purge

Oh if that doesn’t bring to mind horrid visuals.  The title of the post I mean. But I’m being lazy and rolling with the first title that came to mind.

I’ll just get to the point here. I’m getting back on the Body Love wagon so I’m purging the bad habits again. Bye-bye sweet tea, fried foods, and eating out two times a day, every day. So long fatty foods laden with useless calories and cholesterol. Hasta la vista sitting for hours on end. Toodles vegging in front of the TV watching movies (I still don’t have cable or network stations). Good riddance to spending money just because. All of it has got to go, again. And this time, for good if I’m lucky.

I’m finishing the year with a dietary purge / sorta fast / rebuild where the first week, I drop one bad thing from my diet each day; second week I eat as close to clean as I can by consuming fruit, water, and veggies. The last week, I bring lean meats back into the mix. I expect that by January 1st, I’ll have gotten past any cravings or lingering addictions. I’m also hoping to FEEL different. I don’t necessarily have any noticeable issues now, but I keep hearing that once I get cleaner with the food I put in my system, the less bloated I’ll feel and the fewer migraines I’ll have.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Dec. 13  – fried.  No more deep fried anything.
  • Dec. 14 – sweetened. No more sugar filled drinks or deserts.
  • Dec. 15 – sauces. No more ranch, ketchup, or other dipping sauces
  • Dec. 16 – restaurants. No eating out (except for date night)
  • Dec. 17 – bagged. No eating anything that comes packaged.
  • Dec. 18 – dairy. Uh, that one’s pretty clear cut
  • Dec. 19 – carbs. Yeah, that’s pretty clear cut as well
  • Dec. 20 – 26th – Fruit and veg it out; drinking water and hot, decaf, honey sweetened tea
  • Dec. 27 – chicken breasts
  • Dec. 28 – country style pork ribs, lean pork chops
  • Dec. 29 – fish fillets
  • Dec. 30 – lean, grass fed whenever possible, beef
  • Dec. 31 – limited dairy (unsalted butter, sour cream, cream cheese), lite salad dressings, eggs

My weaknesses are the carbs as in bread and white potatoes. Sigh. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m already planning what I’m going to have for Christmas dinner seeing as how by then, meat is off the menu.

Love you guys.


4 thoughts on “End of Year Purge

  1. This is a bold list of changes. Kind of a holiday present to yourself, isn’t it? I like how organized you are and how you know what you want to accomplish. Will be fascinated to see how you feel January 1st. Best of luck with your healthy eating.

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