Well, there you go.

The Other Woman – 17,529 words

Eat Prey Blood (still not sure if there should be a comma in there and if so, where to put it) – 15,684 words

Design Your Life Program workbook – first finished draft, 6,931 words

Those are the total words generated in each project I tackled in November (not counting blog posts 😉 ). So, not even combined do they reach the NaNo goal of 50K words – I’m 9,856 words short. LOL.  I suppose I could lament on not finishing. I could bemoan the fact that I ‘just didn’t feel motivated’ due to (insert reasons here).

But that’s no longer in my nature. The lamenting and bemoaning. Nor is the bashing, whining, or whatever other types of poo-pooing I could do about not earning my NaNo badge this year. My NaNo ‘wins’ feel good and I like talking about them, but it’s the writing that moves me. It’s looking at my project folder and seeing that it’s grown by THREE projects. Two of which light me up every time I look at their titles.  I am disappointed that I didn’t earn my NaNo badge this year. Which will probably be the fuel I use to earn my first ever Camp NaNo badge this coming spring. We’ll see.


Anyway, here we are. Finally, finally at the end of the year…well, at the beginning of the end of the year. The holidaze are difficult for me for a number of reasons but I’ve got the launch of my Design Your Life Program (be on the look out for a name change, lol),  this month which is quite the big deal for me because I’m no longer giving lip service to something I’ve been wanting to do for the last year or so.  Time to um, poop or get off the pot as they say. 



Aside from that, it’s all about getting snug in the Lair and waiting out the rest of the month. (I’ll be so glad when this season is over).


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