Funny How Things Work Out

I’ve tried guys, I really have. I’ve sat down with my laptop, gone all zen, and started typing. I’ve been up late, neglected my house work, stopped cooking dinner, all so I could get the words onto the page. The issue with that is, the words I’ve put down weren’t in my two WIPs (that’s works in progress). My NaNo performance is being usurped by the drive to get the fourth arm of my business  up and running. FINALLY.

I have fussed at so many others about JUST DOING IT – whatever their “it” was. I hear them saying, I’m about to, or I’m planning, or I’m getting ready…and each time I stress that the time for all of that is passed. You can’t plan forever. Do something, anything to get your business out there and see what happens. Be willing to make mistakes, blah, blah, blah.


Yeeeeaaahhhh. So um, a little disturbance in the force woke me up to just how little of my own advice I’d been putting into practice.  And suddenly, my energy is tuned to “getting ready” for my first workshop. I’ve verbally invited people, done a light email invite, and am now editing and prepping the workbook. The workshop is December 19th. I’m doing it for free. I’ve got it in my head that from there, I will do another three in January. All for free.  After that, I’ll do them upon request until June when I’ll host the six month check-in workshop. Again, for free.  By June, I’ll have compiled some data, gotten a feel for how much the market will bear for the service I’m providing, and will then do my first, for profit workshop December 18, 2016.

I fight every day not to talk myself out of it. I’m notorious for that you know. Self-sabotage is something I’m very good at.



PS:  WordPress!  SERIOUSLY!!! Now I can’t just click and link to my existing posts?!! smh.  Are you purposefully trying to drive your existing, loyal users to abandon ship?  Things did NOT need improving, I promise.  At the very least, could you give us a heads up? Some sort of warning that you’re about to f*** up the routine?



7 thoughts on “Funny How Things Work Out

  1. Good plan. Wonder how things will evolve as the year progresses? I trust you’ll fill us in. And, yes– WP doesn’t need improving, it needs to do what it used to do without any trouble. *shakes head in dismay*

    1. Thank you. Im hoping so too, lol. It’s been so long in coming, if I stop to think the doubt creeps in so for now, just getting that first workshop behind me will be satsfying to say the least.

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