Book covers and other contemplations

Eat Prey Blood now has a book cover concept to go along with the very rough, very loose outline I have circling my thoughts.  It’s pretty serious that I have a concrete title AND book cover idea in mind this early in the creative process. These things don’t usually gel until well into the second or third draft.  I’m going to do some mock ups of the cover idea, will probably post those I really like, just to share.

And good grief, I’m dragging my feet on Aphrodite’s Twin.  I’ve got a pretty decent amount of clean up to do on it still. No more rewrites, thank goodness. Just the grammar, spelling, and other housekeeping kinds of things you have to do in order to get it ready for its debut. I have allowed so many distractions to get between me and the clean-up, its ridiculous. And of course, one of my publishing clients wants to do a second edition – she wants to add some new pieces. Not a lot of work involved, I can knock it out fairly quickly. Just reminds me that I need to be as focused on getting my work together and released. The buzz has not only died, but at this point, I’m shooting my sales in the foot before they happen – there’s a time limit to how long people sustain positive anticipation for something. Build their craving up too high to early and by the time you deliver, they don’t remember why they were excited in the first place. Drag it out too long beyond that, and they’ve plumb forgotten about the thing altogether.

Oh well. As I’ve said, marketing is so not my forte. Aside from that, it would behoove me to incorporate a tighter production schedule to my work. Wait a minute. Let me rephrase that. Lesson learned is that I need someone on my team whose more of a stickler for deadlines. Having that outside accountability would be most awesome. Oh sure, you can admonish me for not having the “self-discipline” it takes to make and stick to a schedule. I’d even feel a touch guilty, agreeing with you that yes, a little more self-discipline would help me in a ton of areas (looks forlornly at my expanded waist line), but I know my challenges and strengths. I’m more than willing to delegate certain things to folks who are rock stars in those areas. Now to find someone who is as passionate about me succeeding as I am and is willing to take on that role.

Whoa. Before I just go sending wishes willy-nilly out into the Universe, let me be more specific on what it is I need:

  1. Administrative professional willing to work virtually and for free until the business of being creatively me (writing, publishing, public speaking, coaching) starts to turn a profit.  This person needs to be a stickler for keeping projects moving in a timely fashion and within budget.  They need to not be afraid to tell me when to get my ass in gear, and enjoy celebrating when things fall into place. It would help if they understood my somewhat scattered approach to life and the way I incorporate spirituality, fantasy, and fiction into reality. It would help also if they shared my vision :-). Having time to devote to working with me is key as well.
  2. Business manager who is able to manage the money I don’t have yet, turning it into the money we all want to be making from this venture. I’m good with doing things on the cheap (if not free), but have no idea how to reinvest back into my business so that money begins to work for me. I’m just learning how to mange my day-to-day dollars, let alone the trickle in of dollars from the occasional sale of books and coaching clients.
  3. Marketing fanatic, I mean, a marketing professional who is adept at spreading the word and booking the appearances.  I’m good with the blogging, but for real need someone else to handle the Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / and whatever else I’m “supposed” to have as part of my social media author’s platform. @_@  If they enjoy what I write, well all the better, eh?

There we go. As I wait for the Universe to answer that particular request, I’ll just keep plugging along in hopes that AT will see the light of publication SOON.  lol

NaNo word count as of 11/12: 16,771.

Looking forward to upping that considerably over the weekend :-).

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