What the WHAT? Signs of Life

Hopefully this will bring a bit of wonderment and a smile to your day. Life always finds a way, eh? :-).  A bit of amazing from blogger Susie Lindau.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

After traveling to Wisconsin twice over the last three weeks for funerals and memorial services, I woke up this morning with renewed energy and looked forward to “Birthday Week.” Wanting to catch up with writing and blogging, I planned to take care of a few errands first. Imagine my surprise when cleaning up the breakfast dishes. I discovered this in my garbage disposal.

plant in insinkerator

How could a plant germinate on the rubber shield? Three weeks ago, I donned rubber gloves and scrubbed that filthy thing with bleach. We don’t eat sprouts, so it had to be some kind of seed that stuck in the crack. A pumpkin seed?

Then a thought struck. My dad obsessed over the garbage disposal. He believed he could “dispose” of any leftovers including bones. I remember my teeth chattering and the whole house vibrating while a chicken leg gyrated around the drain. He drew a line…

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