Almost makes me wish my Twitter account was active.

This one statement popped into my head at o’dark stupid this morning:

Did you know the average American lives their entire life without dying?

Yeah, I would have tweeted that. But, oh well.

NaNo Word Count as of 11/7: 12,899.  Slow…but steady. My male characters seem a bit reluctant to share. Go figure.

Another Big RabbitAnd of course – PLOT BUNNY! That other idea that was suggested by my Beta Reader? The one where she thought Chloe, my vampire from the short story, As Far As Vampire Bites Go, should have her own stand alone novel? Well, of course, because it’s NaNo time, that one idea just won’t leave me alone so I’m also putting ideas down for (wait till you see this title) – “Eat Prey, Blood – My Year as a Vampire.”  LOL!!!  I so hope Ms. Gilbert forgives me for appropriating her title, giggle.

But yeah, so I guess I know what I’ll be working on come Camp NaNo 2016, eh?

18 thoughts on “Almost makes me wish my Twitter account was active.

  1. I love that title, sounds like it could be lots of fun! I’m getting along slow and steady, so nothing wrong with that! Although I may have just blown Ruul Vin-Bornn up…. 😉

  2. Now that would make a perfect tweet. As would your idea for the title of your book! Perhaps this is the universe’s way of drawing you back onto Twitter. I’d follow you.

    1. I just don’t get Twitter. I mean, what’s its purpose? How is it supposed to help me as an author when it caters to shortened attention spans – quite the opposite of what I want in a buyer / reader of my fiction…I’m so confused ;-).

      1. Odd as this may sound, I’ve found Twitter has helped me become a better writer. The character limit forces one to get to the point and to do that one must know what one’s point is– a skill that translates into good writing.

        As for Twitter’s purpose, I suspect it is whatever you make it. For me, it’s information and laughs. For you, it might be different.

    1. Ms. Brickhouse…you’re working on a NaNo project this year? Why have there been no postings to alert me to such wonderful news? As for Twitter, see my reply to Ms. Bean. I just don’t get it, lol.

    1. Wonder how copyright or trade marking works? Do you think I could get that registered?

      As for the title on the next manuscript – It’s the first title that’s ever grabbed me well before the real writing got started. :-).

      1. Do look up registering trademark – informal CR can be done by putting the mark behind the statement (it’s in computer Symbols). The let everyone know it;s yours ( phrases shown on sidebar on blog?) I’d also print it out and mail it to yourself – so you can prove date created. After that you’ll have to research. Remember the big thing about copyright is defending it – sending official cease and desist demands – many big companies know you won’t got to court. First one out of the chute wins for a bit – there are companies that will print up for you on demand…like for website / Etsey or new Amazon version sales.
        Would make a great item for an author…

      2. I learned the ‘mail to yourself’ copyright deal when I was really young. My first ever short story was “copyrighted” in just such a fashion, lol. Thanks tho for the point in the right direction – it’ll actually come in handy to know all of that for a couple of other upcoming phrases associated with a project I’m working on.

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