Turning Pro – Thank You Steven Pressfield, Marie Forlio, Danielle LaPorte, James Clear, and Steve Kamb

I wanted to document the moment I made the conscious decision to Turn Pro.

Hello there. My name is Dana and I’m a PROFESSIONAL writer, publisher, and public speaker.

My Vision: I’m in the human construction business – I work to build people up so that they may be their best selves. (have to work on the wording, but you get the gist.)

How I Accomplish My Vision:

  1. Writing and self-publishing fictional stories that illustrate my vision.
  2. I write consistently on my blog, being sure to share my journey as I follow the advice I’m giving.
  3. Design Your Life: workshops and a non-fiction work book in which I teach the steps I’m following.
  4. Donate 10% of my time and or business income to projects that are transparently helping to further equality, education, and positive self-esteem

Amateur habit that I’m kicking to the curb? Building my own obstacles – I HAD a knack for stopping before I started on the big things; talking myself out of doing because I’d already decided I wouldn’t succeed because I didn’t have this or that. I built obstacles where there weren’t any. It doesn’t make any sense for someone who is notorious for leaping before they look, that when it came to my BIG dreams, PASSION goals, I’ve been tap dancing around the edges, peeking over the ends, worrying over what-if I miss my landing.  I’ve done some stupid, impulsive things – been drunk in strange places with no ride home; gone off into the woods with some dude I didn’t really know; accepted rides from strangers (I was in my teens); hell, I get in airplanes for Goddess’ sake. How chancy is that?!  But when it came to doing the first workshop, coaching the first client, asking for what I wanted…I’d freeze. I’d worry.

Well, as crude as this expression may be, F@#$ THAT! As one of my other gurus says, My Dream is a Done F@#$ing Deal.


While my business doesn’t have set office hours, I set the following as my general time boundaries:

  1. novel-writing – daily, put words to page on the WIP
  2. blog writing – weekly minimum, put words to post to stay in touch
  3. workshop delivery – monthly, do at least one a month this first year
  4. editing, revising – last day of each month, clean up on WIPs; once a quarter, clean up workshop (see what hasn’t worked in 3 months, get rid of it)
  5. administrative work (emails, phone calls, marketing) – delegate. For real, you know this is what I just don’t want to do. Will be hiring an admin ASAP.

Alright, that’s enough documentation for now. I’ll of course do a full visual deal in my Notebook.  The release into the Universe happens this weekend. After that, it’s a done deal 🙂

Thank you to my Tribe – you know who you are; to my Divinity, my Muse, the Universe, God, Goddess, and the Ancestors – in advance of my success.

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