The Weird Ways People are Finding my Blog

Uh…yeah. Listen, I know I can be a little ‘out there’ with some of the things I say, do, think, and write. I’m not normally one to hold my tongue when I’m in a group of folks I’m moderately comfortable with so I get that some one may come to view me in a certain light.


Doesn’t help that I have that tired ‘Satin Sheet Diva’ byline floating around. Oh, and I did see where a couple of copies of my one and only erotic short story collection recently sold. Perhaps then, that explains why people are being led to my blog using such search phrases as:

  • successful masturbation

    The full list - as you can see, it's not all about bringing one's self to joy :-).
    The full list – as you can see, it’s not all about bringing one’s self to joy :-).
  • woman on satin sheets
  • satin sheets masturbate
  • satin for masturbation
  • the key to a masturbation werkend
  • naked boner growth

Hmmmm, humans are funny, eh?  Oh well. Enough of the procrastinating. Time to get back to my NaNo.

Unless you want to chat about the weird ways folks have found your blog? Huh? Anyone? No? Dang it, back to writing then ;-).

9 thoughts on “The Weird Ways People are Finding my Blog

      1. I’ve been there. Any time you mention anything that is the slightest bit sexual, you bring out that stuff.

      1. I’ve also tweaked the content to include the piece (of poetry) I talk about & if I have an upcoming show I make sure there’s a link to that there as well.

      2. Stratford productions yes – some spoken performers, yes – my own shows who knows – the bulk of my hits are non-local

  1. Oh gosh, these are amusing! I’ve had some pretty hilarious search terms that led people to my blog too, many of which were also sexual or otherwise a bit odd. I always just laugh & wonder how in the world such things led to my blog.

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