Starting Over…AGAIN!

Stats for Nov. 3

  • NaNo Word Count: 1709
  • Body Fat: 36%
  • Weight: 196.5

As it is with my NaNo project this year, so it is with my healthy living.  As I mentioned, my vacation earlier this fall threw me off track. While on vacation, I didn’t do too badly; I tried to balance all of that time on the tour bus with maxing out my steps where ever I could (took the stairs and walked as often and as far as I could). I didn’t track my calories or my money though, and by the nature of the tour, my habit of eating out reawakened with a vengeance.

It was easy to set November 1st as the “return to the routine” date.  Despite this being the season of over eating for most folks in the US, I don’t typically eat any more during Halloween (don’t have a sweet tooth), Thanksgiving, and Christmas than I do any other time of the year, so no worries there. Which is great seeing as I how I managed to pack back five of the seven pounds I’d lost before. SIGH!!

But okay, at least it was only five pounds and not the full seven.  I’m not that pressed about my weight anyway, because that’s going to do what it does. It’s my body fat percentage that I want to attack with full fury. I’m also focused more on flexibility and avoiding any more ankle or leg injuries. Having done both my ankles in, within a three-year period after having lived the bulk of my life injury free sort of freaked me out. And believe me, I’ve done some crazy crap that could have ended with all sorts of broken bones, sprains, muscle pulls, and the like. But to have two short (I fell from the second step from the bottom on the stair case. What is that, maybe a foot or less from the ground? Next one was even lower, I fell off my SNEAKERS – who does that?!) falls, one resulting in a fracture, the other, a severe sprain?!! That’s just not cool.

As it was with my NaNo, so it is with my return to my healthy living routines. Despite both officially kicking off on November 1st, I’m off to a late start. I didn’t sit down to put words to NaNo until yesterday. I managed a hair over the daily 1667 goal, so that was cool, but of course, I’m already three days behind so I’ve got some major catching up to do in order to get back on track. I’m fairly confident I can get there, this story wants to be told, it’s more a matter of getting into the zone on a regular basis.  Same with my healthy living deal. I’m three days behind but at least got my yoga in yesterday. Now to quickly get back into going to the grocery store once a week, making sure my breakfast and lunch are packed and ready to go each day, and cooking my simple dinners when I come in from work. I’ve got to get up from my desk and take my walk around the office complex more days than not during the week, and I’ve got to get my 20 minutes of yoga / 30 minute dumbbell routine in most evenings.

Here’s to increased word counts and decreased body fat! Huzzah!

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