On the Tenth Day of Halloween

A bit of real life fiction for you.  Based on a combination of this scene (not horrific at all):

and this part of my real life…

lipomaThat’s a real live (?) lipoma. I’ve had it for I don’t know how many years. My dad had one on his forehead so in that respect, I’m lucky – this one is barely visible. From the front. Or if the wig I’m wearing is long enough on the sides, lol.

Anyway, I’m going in to talk to my doctor about having it removed. So of course my imagination did its thing and now, I bring you the following piece of flash fiction…

Day Surgery

Local anesthesia was all they needed. Once the shot worked its magic, the surgeon sliced easily through the few layers of skin. A perfect ‘C’, the aftermath of the incision would hide nicely behind the ear, leaving no visible scaring.

A quick flip and fold revealed the gelatinous mass of the benign tumor. Not the usual off white, blood veiled color of a typical Lipoma, its pale bluish tint was almost pretty. Still, the surgeon wasn’t overly concerned. Earlier tests had proven it was benign, no need to worry now. He made note of the color for the pathology report then reached for the forceps.

A stronger than usual tug dislodged the mass from the surrounding tissue. There was minor, very minor bleeding from one or two blood vessels but again, not enough to cause the surgeon any concern.  The screaming however, coming softly from the now quivering blue blob as it sank slowly into the bio-container would have definitely caused some concern to everyone in the room.

Good thing the soothing music being piped into the operating room drown it out.

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