On the Seventh Day of Halloween…

I had so much fun doing the movie clips, figured I’d do music this time.  Here are a couple of songs that scared me when I first heard them. I wanted to do a list of seven, but uh…most of the music I came in contact with as a goober and teen was family friendly R&B, blues, and the like.

But then again, there was this…something about the lyrics gave me nightmares as a kid.  Go figure. If I tell the truth, it still creeps me out…

This next one still gives me the creeps as well. That guys voice…man, you could see him in a straight jacket, eh?

Yeah, there was just something a little “off” about those Oompa’s, don’t’cha think?

Oh, and just because Prince is one of my all time favorite musicians, doesn’t mean he doesn’t half come up with some weird sh*%@.  Take a listen to this slightly bizarre song, Annie Christian.  Yeah…something’s just not right with that song. His cut, Ronnie Talk to Russia scared me just because the idea of nuclear war seemed to be everywhere that year and anything referencing the nuclear apocalypse gave me nightmares.

Did you have any “everyday” songs that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up?

14 thoughts on “On the Seventh Day of Halloween…

  1. The first time I heard Marilyn Manson’s cover of “Sweet Dreams” I was driving alone at night (not really late, but it was dark outside), & I was really freaked out, partly because the song is genuinely kind of scary but also because I found myself LIKING it. Years later, I’m now a big Manson fan but that song will always be kind of creepy to me, & yet it’s one of my favorites of his. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7cPgonpbwo

      1. It definitely is! I was horrified when I first started liking his music b/c I just thought “I can’t like HIS stuff!” But he is wayyyy deeper (& much different)
        than most people give him credit for.

    1. OMG – you’re right, this cover is incredibly creepy, lol. Perhaps I shouldn’t have watched the video though, lol. The guitar work is amazing – definitely agree that while creepy, I do like it. Good one, thanks again for the clip.

    1. I do so love your taste in music :-). This one is kick-ass, but because the lyrics aren’t all that clear, I think I’m able to avoid the creep-factor. However, yet again, the video definitely has some haunting visuals. 🙂

  2. For me it was Peter Gabriel’s “The Rhythm of the Heat”. The line saying: “the rhythm has my soul” still gives me the creeps even though I love the song.

    1. Ohhhh, good one. There is definitely a big dose of “creep” in the rhythm. Not to mention Peter Gabriel has an otherworldly sound as it is, the music behind his wail, the chanting…definitely not one I would have listened to once the sun set. 🙂

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