“Tim Wise: On White Privilege (Clip)”

I’m all about opening minds, however it occurs. This clip put another train of thought in the station and for that, I’m happy to share in hopes it does so for someone else.

We’ve got to do better at seeing our commonalities; the ways we can come together for the betterment of all.

Video post by @LK_KUNTUOASARE.

Source: “Tim Wise: On White Privilege (Clip)”

3 thoughts on ““Tim Wise: On White Privilege (Clip)”

    1. I wish I could articulate my thoughts / ideas in such a captivating manor. I wish more people were listening, absorbing the idea, and then putting it into action. I don’t think we have to result to violence to be heard (no need to be up in arms) but instead, believed in the power of the single action – such as forming a cohesive unit, digging for the truth behind the rhetoric, and then demonstrating the power of the vote by actively participating versus falling for the hype and pushing the levers as you’re told. Yeah… so much would change if people would recognize and act on their commonalities instead of spending so much time looking for some “other” to blame.

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