Is it that time of year already?

OMG – how is it that NaNoWriMo season snuck up on me this year?  Oh that’s right. Vacation!

The email announcing that the 2015 NaNo site was up and open inspired three blog post drafts, lol. None of which included a novel idea for this year.  I’ve got several on the hard drive but I think I’m going to go back to last year’s attempt, scavenge what I can of the characters and plot, and try it again for this year.  So, I’m not quite going the rebel route, but definitely not starting on a brand new idea.  If I tell the truth, there hasn’t been a new book idea for quite some time. I’ve been wildly distracted by life – in some very good ways :-).


But wow, I’ve got work to do. A book to send to the printers, another to polish up and get ready to go to print in time for a holiday sales release. There’s marketing, oh, and my regular life I’ll need to squeeze in…all while banging out my 50K draft to be turned into one of maybe two releases next year.

Good grief.

Oh well…


5 thoughts on “Is it that time of year already?

  1. I haven’t finished Nano in a few years – but I have a good idea and if I ever get a few minutes without ten things to do, I may get an outline done (in related news, I seem to think I will find tons of extra time in November).

    1. It’s been hit or miss for me for a few years now, especially the NaNo Summer Camps. I may go into it all excited but at some point, I allow the distraction of real life to take over.

      As for prep work, I don’t usually do any kind of outline – hard core “pantser” here; it’s been hard finding an organizational tool that didn’t throw me off my freewheeling style, lol. But not too long ago, I read a tip on another blog ( about a way to do an outline that may fit well with the way I write, AND provide just enough info to keep me writing. I’ll be working on setting that up today.

      Either way, I’m going to make the attempt. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve got to at least take up a few days of writing abandon otherwise I just don’t feel ‘write’ ;-).

      1. I am now pretty much all-in. I have always enjoyed summer camp more. It fits better with my schedule, I think. By November, I have so much pulling on my time that it is all I can do just to keep up with that, let alone writing. I am going to try to front load my writing so I am done by Thanksgiving. It might work.

      2. At the very least, you’ll be that much further along in a draft than you were at the beginning of the month. I’ve turned two of my NaNo-didn’t-finishes into working manuscripts over the years. I’ve got at least two marinating on the hard drive which will come in handy should my other ideas dry up, so technically, I’d say any level of participation is a “win” 🙂

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