I Think My Tape Measure is Broken

May 30th:

  • weight – 199 lbs.
  • body fat – 36.4%
  • waist – 39″
  • hips – 46″

September 15th:

  • weight – 191.9 lbs.
  • body fat – 34.9%
  • waist – 38″
  • hips – 46″

Um…yeah. I’m pretty sure my tape measure is broken.


Just kidding. It’s been a slow and steady decline as far as the weight is concerned, but because I haven’t stepped up the exercise, the inches are taking a lot longer to shrink. No stress. I’ve got what I need now in order to keep moving forward. I have real life resources,  In fact, I wrote a book about it :-).  Going to start marketing it soon, in time for holiday sales and the excitement of starting a new year headed in the right direction.

Meanwhile, I’m still coasting. Enjoying the after glow that comes from completing a manuscript, or two. Man that feels so good to type. Two manuscripts…well, okay, in terms of word count, it’s more like a novel and half so, not a lot of actual words written, but being able to put “The End” on two projects within a few months time is one of the best feelings. Top it off with having lost 7.1 pounds, I’m feeling pretty damn good. Now, off to get these last thousand and some odd steps in to make my 10K step goal and bring this evening to a wonderful end.

Y’all have a good night now, ya’ hear 😉

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