A Regularly Scheduled Life

I don’t know that I ever formally came to the conclusion that scheduling was the work

Copied from Carie Harling (https://www.youtube.com/user/carielynn74)
Copied from Carie Harling

of the devil, but at some point, probably during a move when I noticed the insane amount of half-filled in planners and calendars I had stacked about, I noticed how ineffective living by a schedule or rather, planning, was in my life.

I knew people who planned out their day; whose Day Timers, Day Runners, PDAs, etc. were edge to edge with notes, appointments, reminders, to-do’s all in color coded, tabbed perfection. I found those people lacking a certain impulsive spontaneity that well, seemed a rather boring way to live as far as I was concerned.

Copied from Carie Harling (https://www.youtube.com/user/carielynn74)
Copied from Carie Harling

Sticking to a schedule has its advantages for sure. There is something to be said for those folks who are dependable, never forget a date, are always on time, prepared, and can be counted on to keep their promises and meet deadlines. I’ve just never found a way to do all that AND keep to a set schedule. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve purchased hundreds of dollars worth of calendars, planners, and the like over the years. Filled in the important dates and such using the fanciest colored pens I could afford. I’ll go along great for about a month, two months tops, then for whatever reason, I just stop.  My planner goes unused for the remainder of the year.

So, how is it when I go to put established routines, remembered birthdays and anniversaries, and such in a formal schedule / calendar or what have you, I suddenly lose my desire to do them? In May I started taking better care of myself – physically and financially. Life was going along just fine as I’d established some routines and was seeing results. Then, for some odd reason, I decide to document my activities by placing them in time slots on a daily schedule.

Soon after, I sprain my ankle and get some kind of nasal malady (still not sure it’s allergies, and we’re on week 4 now) that greatly dampens my desire to do much of anything. Oh, and what about the way my Muse perked up, driving me to spend HOURS at the computer working on not one, but two manuscripts at one time.

I blame it all on having introduced a schedule into my life, yet again. When will I learn that my life doesn’t run on paper?  The better question is how to do I get back on track?

Which reminds me too – as it is when I write, so it is when I live.  I’m a pantser when it comes to writing. I don’t draft in any type of order nor do I stick to a set writing schedule (hence the 2.5 hours of sleep Monday morning), I write when the words come. So, does it stand to reason that my actions are unconsciously driven thereby making them resistant to conscious control?  For some reason that logic doesn’t seem sound…which is also indicative of how I function.  Hmmmm. I’m sure I’m on to something here.

Oh well. However it works out, it would appear that I get to take things down a notch for the remainder of September. My focus is tuned to book production, money management, and getting ready to hit the road.

Okay, I got it life. giphy

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