3 thoughts on “Why Do You Look The Other Way?

    1. Thank you for keeping me on my toes. I’m wondering now what I can do…in the past I’ve donated to shelters, I spent a few Saturdays one fall reading to the kids that where housed at a women’s shelter, but that doesn’t seem to be near enough. I liked the idea one of the commentators on the main article wrote of – a foster care system for women that provides support beyond the shelter. A mid-way step if you will. I’d donate mightily to help get something like that off the ground. And good grief, that’s got me thinking of the upcoming presidential elections. Heaven help us all if that goes awry and we end up with a boat load of misogynistic, prejudiced, prudish old men “in charge”.

      1. You’re the last person I need to keep on my toes and thanks for all that you do and have done.

        Voting is definitely important. I agree with your sentiments there. I’m liking Bernie but will vote Democrat if he doesn’t get the nom.

        Education is important. I think activism efforts need to focus on implementing a program (beginning in early childhood and progressing through high school) that focuses on violence and rape.

        Education and rehabilitation of victims is important and this is where many victims fall through the cracks. I love the idea of the mid-way step too.

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